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We renovated our brand to level up your experience.

Brand Overview


SEGA Corporation is a Japanese multinational video game developer and publisher head-quartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo. Founded by Martin Bromley and Richard Stewart as Nihon Goraku Bussan in 1960, the company acquired its predecessor, Service Games of Japan. Five years later, the company was known as SEGA Enterprises, Ltd., after acquiring Rosen Enterprises, an importer of coin-operated games and devices.

In 2002, SEGA stopped manufacturing consoles to become a third-party developer and was acquired by Sammy Corporation. SEGA has been recognized for its time supporting its own video game consoles, its creativity, and also its innovations. In more recent years, it has been criticized for its business decisions and the quality of its creative output.


1940 | The Origin


In 1940, Irving Bromberg, Martin Bromley, and James Humpert formed Standard Games in Hawaii to offer coin-operated machines for amusement to military bases.

1965 | The Foundation


SEGA was formed when Rosen Enterprises merged with
Service Game in 1965. SEGA stands for the abbreviation of Service Games.

1946 | Business Exploration


The trio dissolved Standard Games in 1945 and established California Games, another coin-op distributor, which was replaced by Service Games. 

1951 | Moving to Tokyo


Service Games moved to Tokyo, Japan to sell their coin-operated jukeboxes, games, and slot machines in the early 1950s.

1973 | Video-Based Game


In 1973, the game developer released its first video-based game, gaining steady success during the video arcade boom of the late 1970s.

1976 | The Iconic Logo


In 1976, SEGA adopted their current logo, a blue wordmark. The lighter blue logo is for Japan and the darker one is for international markets. 


PR 1

1982 | Making Consoles


In 1982, a downturn in arcade business seriously hurt SEGA.
The company leveraged its hardware expertise to move into the console market.

1986 | Gaining Success


From 1986 to 1999, SEGA launched a series of its consoles including The Master System, SEGA Genesis, SEGA 32X and SEGA Dreamcast in
North America.

1991 | The Mascot

To compete with Nintendo’s Mario,  Sonic the Hedgehog was created, spawning one of the best-selling video game franchises in history.

2001 | Shifting Business 


In 2001, SEGA announced the discontinuation of Dreamcast and restructured the company as a “platform-agnostic” third-party game developer.

2004 | The Merger


During mid-2004, Sammy bought a controlling share in SEGA Corporation, creating the new company SEGA Sammy Holdings, an entertainment conglomerate. 

2015 | Restructuring


In 2015, SEGA Corporation was reorganized into SEGA Group, one of three groups of the SEGA Sammy Holdings. SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. was established.

Our New Identity


We aspire to revolutionize with a mindset shifting from reactionary to visionary. Our objective is to encourage individuals to find new perspectives, confront obstacles and elevate all aspects of their lives. To achieve this goal, we develop a brand new visual identity system that embraces our spirit of leveling up.



We went through several rounds of logo sketches, explorations and refinements. Below are some examples of our logo development. To see more of our logo sketches, please refer to our Visual Development Guide for more information. 

Web 1920 – 13 2.png


new logo annotated.png

Our new logo shows an unswerving commitment to level up. 

logo interpretation2.png


Business Stationery
logo anatomy 10.png


Scene 1.png
Brand Extensions


Our brand extensions are developed from SEGA Path to Leveling Up, with products and services that allow individuals to achieve the next level of success. Below are detailed descriptions of our new offerings.








SEGA Skill Kits

Learning skills that enhance your personal growth and enrich your life experience.  

SEGA Skill Kit is a comprehensive tool set that inspires and teaches people to learn something new in various phases of their lives. It can be about gardening, photography, cooking, child-rearing, or customized skill development sets that cater to the need of our customers.

Mission Focus

SEGA Skill Kits reinforce our mission of fostering personal development by providing tools and guidance that cultivate and sharpen their life skills.

PR 1

Insight Talks

Absorbing cutting-edge information and knowledge from around the world. 

In the era of technology advancement and information explosion, it will be very beneficial for one to keep up with what is going on around the world and what are some of the latest trends and thoughts. SEGA Insight Talks will have experts and influencers from different industries to share their experiences.

Mission Focus

SEGA Insight Talks underscore our commitment to inspire people with innovation by spreading new ideas and sharing successful experiences.

EV 1

SEGA Mental Challenge

Advancing mind skills by battling against people with greater mental capabilities. 

SEGA Mental Challenge will be holding a series of mental obstacle courses that invite people from all walks of life to battle intellectual skills by answering questions with speed and precision. The winner will be awarded with a prize and extensive level-up experiences. 

Mission Focus

SEGA Insight Talks underscore our commitment to inspire people with innovation by spreading new ideas and sharing successful experiences.

EV 3

SEGA Adventure Camps

EX 1

Sharpening your physical
and mental capabilities through new adventures.

SEGA Adventure Camp is designed for advancing physical and mental strength for people from all walks of life. It will
be a weekly or monthly experience that allow people to venture into a new territory, be it physical or spiritual, to explore and test their true potential.

Mission Focus

SEGA Adventure Camps reinforce our commitment to advance mental and physical development of individuals by putting them through challenging tasks and leveling up their abilities.

SEGA Online Learning System

ED 1

Attending online professional training on various subjects to climb up the career ladder. 

SEGA will create a digital platform that offers courses, materials and resources, helping people to equip themselves with new insights and skills that assist their personal and career success. 

Mission Focus

SEGA Online Learning System underscores our commitment to facilitate personal development by building a platform with comprehensive classes and resources. 


CO 1

Getting exposed to innovation teams while building personal and professional skills.

From driverless cars to life-extension research, from artificial intelligence to  high-speed Internet, Alphabet has been reputable for continuous innovation and advancement. SEGA will collaborate with Alphabet to offer apprenticeship and bootcamp programs to enable skill and network building experiences. 

Mission Focus

SEGA X Alphabet bolsters our mission  of enabling the next level of success by allowing young, promising talents to learn and achieve at one of the most innovative companies.

SEGA Progress Tracking App

SR 1

Setting daily goals, recording every effort and tracking each progress.

SEGA Progress Tracking App will allow people to set their goals and improve a variety of aspects in their lives. It can also have a sharing or reward system that motivates people to keep track of their efforts and achieve better.

Mission Focus

SEGA Progress Tracking App bolsters our mission of facilitating individual development by making every step of the progress tangible and motivating people to strive for their best. 

SEGA Carrer Counseling

SR 3

Planning career path, reaching prospective employers and building effective job skills. 

SEGA Career Counseling helps people to explore their academic pursuits and career interests, improve their job search skills and assist them to connect with the employment community. We provide a variety of career services, which will facilitate their professional success. 

Mission Focus

SEGA Career Counseling bolsters our mission of enabling the next level of success by helping people develop and polish their professional skills that boost their career.   

SEGA Reflection Corner

EN 2

Learning lessons from past experiences and moving forward with better practices.

SEGA Reflection Corner acts as a self-assessment space for our members to take part in conscious consideration and deep analysis of their progress in achieving personal goals. It offers an opportunity to pause amidst the chaos and untangle through observations.

Mission Focus

SEGA Reflection Corner reinforces our mission of facilitating personal development by guiding people to take a step back from their learning experiences and improve on their future performances.

SEGA Confidence Building Card

Building confidence with words of encouragement.

In order for one to level up and succeed, it is crucial that we build confidence and learn from others’ experiences. The cards will come with various prompts that are intended to inspire people to reflect, brace themselves up and set higher goals for their lives and careers. 

Mission Focus

SEGA Confidence Building Cards reinforce our commitment to motivate people with higher goals by inspiring and encouraging them with imagery and words of wisdom. 

PR 2



Stepping out of the comfort zone and taking the challenge to enhance personal stamina. 

For many people, finishing a triathlon seems like a huge undertaking. SEGA recognizes this challenge and turns it into an opportunity for people to train their body, build physical strength as well as cultivate mental perseverance. 

Mission Focus

SEGA Triathlon bolsters our mission of stimulating physical and mental growth by getting people involved in sport training and competitions. 

EV 2

SEGA Obstacle Course

Testing and honing physical strength through battling in  challenging conditions. 

SEGA Obstacle Course will allow our participants to push through seemingly impossible tests of physical strength and endurance. The final winner will be awarded with a prize and extensive level-up experiences. 

Mission Focus

SEGA Obstacle Course underscores our commitment to advance personal  physical development by offering an arena for people to battle and unleash their true potential. 

EV 4

SEGA Innovation Museum

EX 2

Learning about the ideation and execution process of the latest inventions. 

SEGA Innovation Museum recognizes young and new inventors and inventions, and advances the spirits of creativity as well as entrepreneurship. Visitors will be able to see the latest innovations from around the nation and the design and thought process behind. 

Mission Focus

SEGA Innovative Museum reinforces our mission of inspiring people with innovation by introducing new ideas and technologies that guide them to start their own creation. 

SEGA Mentorship Program

ED 2

Connecting people, increasing knowledge and building skills for goals and milestones.

SEGA Mentorship Program aims to tap into the existing knowledge and skills of high performing professionals and transfer these skills to less experienced people who aspire to achieve the next level of success. 

Mission Focus

SEGA Mentorship Program bolsters our mission of enabling the next level of success by passing knowledge and experience among people in the best possible way. 

Johnson & Johnson

CO 2

Elevating physical and mental performance through medical innovation and advancement. 

Johnson & Johnson endeavors to bring positive impact on human health and medical advancement with innovation. SEGA will partner with the company to invest in medical devices and consumer packaged goods to level up the human living experience. 

Mission Focus

SEGA X Johnson & Johnson lays stress on our mission of advancing personal growth by offering people innovative solutions for disease prevention and health promotion. 

SEGA Digital


SR 2

Holding conversations and exchanging ideas to advance knowledge and skills. 

SEGA Digital Forum serves as an online discussion site where people can post messages, help and inspire each other on a variety of topics in science, art, culture and education fields. 

Mission Focus

SEGA Digital Forum reinforces our mission of facilitating intellectual advancement by offering a platform where ideas are born, nurtured and exchanged among people.


Talent Lab

EN 1

Working with like-minded talents to drive innovative ideas and solutions.  

SEGA Talent Lab offers talents from different industries a space to make the best of their knowledge and expertise, and creatively solve an existing problem. When collaboration takes place, every participant can learn from each other and improve their skills.

Mission Focus

SEGA Talent Lab fortifies our mission of motiving people with innovation by building a space where creativity reigns and thrives. 

SEGA Fitness Center

EN 3

Enhancing physical strength through targeted and high-
quality training.

SEGA Fitness Center offers a space for our customers to conduct regular or special training sessions that improve their physical strength and boost their endurance. We have professional gym facilities and trainers to help people with different workout plans and goals. 

Mission Focus

SEGA Fitness Center reinforces our mission of elevating our physical performance by offering motivative and innovative workout experiences that allow people to grow stronger. 

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